Version: 7.0.0

Dialog element

The native <dialog> HTML element is notoriously inconsistent, so much so that it is actively discouraged to use it. From version 7 onwards, a11y-dialog no longer supports using the <dialog> element. If you insist on using it, use the latest version from v6.

Amongst other, here are the issues with the HTML <dialog> element:

  • Clicking the backdrop does not close the dialog on Chrome.
  • The native ::backdrop only shows when programatically opening the dialog, not when using the open attribute.
  • Default styles are left to the browsers’ discretion and can be inconsistent.
  • The alert dialog pattern (role="alertdialog") simply does not work with the dialog element.
  • It still requires JavaScript anyway, so it’s not even 100% HTML.
  • Read more about the shortcoming of the dialog element by Scott O'hara.
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