Version: 7.0.0

Alert Dialogs

By default, a11y-dialog behaves as a dialog: it is closable with the ESC key, and by clicking the backdrop (provided the data-a11y-dialog-hide attribute is given to is). However, it is possible to make it an “alert dialog” for critical interactions, which would remove these features.

To do so:

  1. Replace role="dialog" with role="alertdialog". This will make sure ESC doesn’t close the modal.
  2. Remove data-a11y-dialog-hide from the overlay element. This makes sure it is not possible to close the modal by clicking outside of it.
  3. In case the user actively needs to operate with the modal, you might consider removing the close button from it. Be sure to still offer a way to eventually close the modal.

For more information about modals, refer to the WAI-ARIA 1.1 recommendations.

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